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Do Dope Shit

stayin' alive, summer 2020

There are plenty of different ways we can build a digital community across the state through collaboration.


Each season, we will share a new theme. We want to see the dope sh!t you create whether it's through poetry, visual art, music or whatever else you can think of!

For Summer 2020, the theme is Stayin' Alive! Read more about how to collab below.


The Voice is a place to amplify our conversations and listen to stories through podcasts. Our first one is "Coffee & Quaq", hosted by Alice Qannik Glenn.


The Vision is a highlight reel of good Alaskan vibes through videos by Indigenous Future. The first series will be produced by Howdice Brown III.


The Archive is a collection of poetry, stories and perspectives shared by local creatives. The digital & print publication is created by

M. Jacqui Lambert.


so, you want to collab?

This is what we we're looking for...


We are down to earth and real as f*ck. Our stories range from cutting fish in the village & catching whales up North, to talking about the diversity within identity, especially while livin' in the city.

the voice

We want to share as many stories as possible through our podcasts. We enjoy the intimate one-on-one conversations that provide insight on many different topics. You can engage by suggesting new guests or topics to explore. You can also reach out for questions.


We soak up the abundance of natural beauty through poetry, music, visual art & dope @ss stories. We express our love for the land, appreciation for the people and gratitude for the unique experiences.

the vision

Alaska is a big state made up of many small and remote communities. We want to highlight the diversity within our people and celebrate the expansiveness of the land. You can share your photos or videos to be featured and we will credit your work. 


We do not limit ourselves with a narrow vision on what it means to be from Alaska. It is crucial to be collaborative and expand our perspectives through inclusivity and sharing space with others.

the archive

There will be new content online every month and a new printed publication at the start of each season (quarterly). We want to provide space for your written work, visual art and more. The seasonal theme for Summer 2020 is Stayin' Alive!


Whether you want to share your own work and ideas or tell us about a local creative, you can contribute to this collaborative project by reaching out to us.


Please provide us with details by filling out the form below and we'll reach out as soon as we can.

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