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Colonial Love

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Poem by Kaylene Iñuuraq Evans

The Qargizine, Spring 2019 #9


my body is pulled

into your orbit

remembering all the longing

my mind tucked away,

because of the galaxies between us 


even after all this time

your soul, smile, and words

melt the ice

that has packed away my heart 


I settle, nestle into your nooks

so easily

I know the creak of the floorboards

of your soul

and they only sound to me like



when you didn’t call

i turned to poetr


Conditional. Spatial. Incomplete.

The trauma in you

Mirrored the tragedy in me

Splintered homes, shattered trust

Our souls creaked in the same pressure

Sleepless eyes, silenced hearts

Time, dissonance

Miles apart

I ached for you always

Until it became evident

We were not each other’s


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