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To Our Native Men

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Poem by Kaylene Iñuuraq Evans

The Qargizine, Fall 2017 #8

You deserve so much more than

Synthetic happiness

Toxic masculinity


Isolating, damaging relationships

You deserve 

Oceans and rivers of love

Abundance around every bend 

1,000 pounds of pride and gratitude

That will fill your stomachs

You deserve 

Ancestral wisdom 

from the land, your elders

Timeless solitude 

And heart-pounding Connection 

You deserve

Centuries of Softness and safety

Galaxies of Grace and gentleness

Miles of meaning and 

Purposeful passion

Deep and withstanding 

You deserve all these things and more

Because our Native women and children 

Deserve it too

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