The Team


Native Time is a collaborative project created by Alice, Howdice and Jacqui. It was designed in their personal notebooks over a few beers one spring evening in downtown Anchorage. 


Their vision is to create a space for dope Alaskan sh!t through productions of print, audio and video.


Alice Qannik Glenn

Alice Qannik Glenn is a 30-something-year-old Alaska Native Iñupiaq, born and raised in the northernmost city in the United States—Utqiaġvik, Alaska.


She enjoys tuttu soup and exploring topics related to cultural traditions, social progress, women empowerment, and spaceflight.


Alice is known for questioning the status quo, and she created Coffee & Quaq to celebrate and explore Native life in Alaska's biggest village, Anchorage.


Howdice Brown III

Howdice Brown III is a filmmaker of Iñupiaq descent whose family comes from Elim, Alaska. A graduate of UAA, he has spent the last 10 years in the commercial film and documentary industry.


Throughout his career, Howdice has traveled to many parts of Alaska; working on projects related to culture, art, history and health.


He has been a part of 3 Northwest Region Emmy nominated documentaries, two of which have won: “Kîtch.Káan: Our Native Legacy” (2012), and “Cold Water Survivors” (2013). Howdice currently holds the title of Head of Production at Channel Films.


M. Jacqui Lambert

M. Jacqui Lambert is a writer, designer and Iñupiaq dancer from Kotzebue, Alaska. She has 10 siblings and she Aunties over 20 kids. #LRT


Over the past five years, she’s led a passion project called The Qargizine, a publication that highlights expressions of rural Alaskans through artwork, photography and stories.


Jacqui was trained as a teenager through the Sivulliq Youth Media program. She’s been an announcer at KOTZ Radio, a writer for The Arctic Sounder, a volunteer at Alaska Public Media and an artist intern at Northwest Strategies.


and you!


We want to work with you! You can submit your own work, suggest a new topic to explore or let us know about more local creatives...