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C&Q Ep. #1 Traditional Inuit Tattoos

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

To explore the practice and revitalization efforts of traditional Iñuit tattoos, we interview tattooist Holly Mititquq Nordlum and tribal health researcher Charlene Aqpik Apok.

"I think that's the valuable part when we're tattooing. It's one on one and you can talk to them and they're feeling connected to culture. And we tell stories and they tell us their story, and lots of these women, mostly, have never told their story or their connection to their own culture. That's the valuable part, and that what I was hoping it would bring, and it's been freaking amazing." - Holly Nordlum

"It's become an ethic; it's become a way of living. It's informed my way of life in a higher capacity. It really makes you own s*** up. You are representing Inupiaq women, and in general, you're representing Alaska Native people. I'm very conscience of that in all my actions and how I speak to people and how I react. It's been really special to have that self-reflection." - Charlene Apok

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