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Lessons of Love Taught By The Land

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Poem by Kaylene Iñuuraq Evans

The Qargzine, Spring 2019 #9


they are whispered in the wind

etched in the weaving valleys

and on the rolling tundra

they are sung in the rushing river water

and hushed in the crashing waves

they have always been here

for us

now the sun’s shining on your heart

illuminating these lessons

to heal you once again


The Land beckons

But never begs

She calls with

Sweet sighs of the wind

But do not forget

It can so easily

Turn freezing,

Chilling to your bone

Defensive, casting away

With the same breeze

You once thought

Was meant to



Caress you


have you noticed your chapped lips

look just like the jagged mountains you are from

your dry, cracking skin mirror the shattering ice

your curves resemble the winding waterways

that provide joy and sustenance

your folds of the skin same as the rolling tundra with berries you feast on

once you see the ways in which you are

a reflection of the land

you can love yourself as you do the land

and you will stop hating the very parts of you

that reveal how much you have weathered,

you beautiful and striking life force 

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